Mark Dolliver’s Takes: Hitting the Books

Lest you think full-time college and university students are too busy studying to function as consumers, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show otherwise. Nor are many students burning the midnight oil over their books. Just 11 percent engage in “educational activities” after midnight on a typical weeknight.

Summer, Toys and Athletes

• Six percent of adults rated summer 2007 as “the best ever,” while 53 percent called it “good” or “excellent.” (Rasmussen Reports)

• Retail toy sales were up nearly 3 percent in the first half of 2007, vs. the same period last year. Toy vehicles were especially strong (up 17 percent), while action figures and accessories fell by 4 percent. (The NPD Group)

• Steroids and dogfighting notwithstanding, 38 percent of adults think most professional athletes “are good role models for children,” up a shade from the 35 percent saying so in a poll 10 years ago. (Fox News/Opinion Dynamics)