Mark Dolliver’s Takes: Doing Without

We hear lots about America’s love affair with the car, but how about its love affair with the refrigerator? As you can see from the chart, which displays a poll conducted for Adweek by Alden & Associates, the refrigerator nearly matches the car when people are asked which of a half-dozen fixtures of modern life they could least do without. Even among men, the fridge ran a strong second to the car (30 percent vs. 39 percent). In a breakdown by age, the car ran best among those 25-34 (picked by 44 percent), while the fridge fared poorly with them (21 percent). The fridge was the top choice of the 35-49s (42 percent), the 50-64s (40 percent) and those 65-plus (40 percent), while the cell phone didn’t reach double digits in those cohorts. The cell scored best with 18-24s, but got an underwhelming 17 percent of their vote, putting it behind books (19 percent).