Mark Dolliver’s Takes: Bad-Girl Celebs

America’s hardest-working heiress didn’t attract much sympathy as she went into (and out of) the slammer last week. As the chart below shows, Paris Hilton tops her bad-girl peers in generating public antipathy. The same USA Today/Gallup poll found 2 percent of respondents “very sympathetic” to Hilton—not much of a base of support in a poll whose margin of error is 3 percent. While Hilton is disparaged by respondents of all ages, Lindsay Lohan fares better with the young than with the old: 23 percent of 18-34-year-olds are at least somewhat sympathetic toward her, vs. 18 percent of 35-54s and 14 percent of those 55-plus. All four of the women (but Hilton especially) are seen likely to continue having “serious personal problems for the foreseeable future.”