Mark Dolliver: Rise and Shine

It pays to be a morning person, apparently. A Gallup poll asked adults to cite the hour of day when they’re “personally at your best.” The chart shows the responses. The single hour pulling the most votes was 10 a.m., picked by 17 percent. Morning hours were a clear winner among 35-54-year-olds (with 58 percent of their vote) and those 55-plus (59 percent). Morning drew a plurality of 18-34s’ votes (43 percent), but evening also fared well with them (28 percent). In a breakdown by income, 70 percent in the $75,000-plus cohort are morning people, vs. 55 percent of the $30,000-74,999s and 40 percent the under-$30,000s.

Our favorite cuisine

You are what you eat, and vice versa. When Americans dine out, their favorite cuisine is American. Asked in a Harris Poll to cite the cuisine they are most apt to seek at a restaurant, 28 percent chose American, more than opted for Italian (22 percent), Mexican (17 percent) or Chinese (16 percent). Mexican food had its best score among 31-42-year-olds (24 percent picked it). Italian was the top choice among 18-30-year-olds (23 percent). Japanese scored in double digits among the 18-30s (at 12 percent). By region, Italian led the voting in the East, American in the South and Midwest, and Mexican in the West.

Spanish spoken here

Here’s a sign of the degree to which the growing Hispanic population in this country now extends well beyond the traditional immigrant gateways: In an ABC News poll, fewer than one-fourth of adults said they seldom or never encounter people who mostly speak Spanish rather than English (see the chart below). Among those who said they often or sometimes experience such contact, how do they feel about it? A sizable minority of these respondents (33 percent) said it bothers them, though twice as many said it doesn’t.