Looking to Network at Cannes? This Tinder-Like Site Matches You With Other Attendees

Clever promo stunt from Virool

In case your meeting calendar at Cannes isn't already jam-packed enough, one company created a mobile site modeled on Tinder to help foster casual (business) encounters on the Riviera.

"Cannes We Meet," from video distribution platform Virool, connects to your LinkedIn account, and then lets you swipe left or right on other attendees profiles. If two people match yes, the site will connect them so they can arrange a face-to-face.

"We know that clients meet agencies, agencies win business, startups win funding and products find buyers [at Cannes]," said CEO Alex Debelov. "Now we're helping bridge that gap and propel our industry forward."

Or you could just roll down to the Gutter Bar at 2 a.m. and see if you get lucky.

@GabrielBeltrone gabriel.beltrone@gmail.com Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.