Let There Be Sweetness and Light

NEW YORK Three TV spots for Technical Consumer Product’s Fresh2, a new lightbulb that absorbs odors, focus on situations in which not being able to smell bad things is a mixed blessing.

The commercials were directed by Cole & Roy of RAW/Progressive Films in Los Angeles for the Communications Factory in Cleveland.

“Aunt Mildred” shows a boy staring aghast at his elderly aunt. “He’ll never smell his chain-smoking aunt,” onscreen copy states as music swells, “but he’ll still have to kiss her.”

“Janie” presents a girl hiding her meat loaf under the couch when her mother goes into the kitchen. “Since they’ll never smell the meat loaf, she’ll do this for years,” copy reads.

“Duke” shows a man getting licked in the face by a dog that had been chewing unsavory things in the yard. “While he won’t smell his dog’s breath, he should know where that mouth’s been,” copy states. “A whole new atmosphere” is the tagline of the campaign.

Big Foote Music personalized the soundtrack, which figures prominently in the dialogue-free ads, to convey something about each character, said Sherman Foote, BFM co-founder. The song playing in “Aunt Mildred,” for example, is swingy show music, hinting at a Las Vegas past. Music in “Janie,” on the other hand, sounds mischievous.

“We wanted it to balance the sweetness of the girl, so the music was a little bit dark,” Foote said. In “Duke,” the soundtrack is playful, to accent the feckless dog rooting through the garbage.

This is the first commercial project for Cole & Roy, who are Joe Cole and Paul Roy, former producers at McCann-Erickson in New York. Creatives on the account include art director Eve Standeker and copywriter John Jaeger Jr.

The spots roll out this month and next month. Campaign spending was undisclosed.