On the Launch Pad With Hatch

Harris Drury Cohen has introduced Hatch, a service designed to bring short-term marketing firepower to bear in support of fledgling companies and new product launches.

According to Stan Harris, creative partner at the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., agency, Hatch’s intensity and duration distinguish it from other incubators; it is a 60-day program that, for example, can prepare a startup for an initial public offering or launch a new product for an established brand.

“This is exactly the kind of intense help these new companies and new products need,” said Harris. “And it’s exactly the way they can afford it. Most startups only have the financial ability to afford sub-par thinking. That’s the last thing they need.”

Onetime fees are paid up front and typically include a combination of cash and stock. The standard fee is well under $100,000.

“We provide a realistic alternative and share in the success of our new clients,” said HDC partner and brand planner Michael Goldberg. “When they win, we all win.”

As Hatch is set up, an agency “SWAT team” composed of strategic, business and creative talent is tasked to serve as a client’s in-house marketing de-partment. The program includes concept and business model consultation, target market research, media planning, and Web site, logo and brand name development.

The Hatch team also creates and coaches critical fundraising presentations for a client.

The approach has been used to help launch startups including Fort Lauderdale’s LaughingDog.com and this.com, as well as Zgo.com in Aspen, Colo.

New product work includes efforts supporting Del Monte Foods, headquartered in San Francisco, IMX Pharmaceuticals in Boca Raton, Fla., and New York-based Triarc’s restaurant group.

“The timing gap between startup and marketing is essentially zero,” said Harris. “You are what you say you are, and that’s why you need an agency.”