Kris Bryant Crashes a Fantasy Draft as a Pizza Delivery Guy in Latest Prank for Red Bull

The Cubs star comes through in the clutch again

Red Bull

Kris Bryant’s such a screwball!

In his latest pitch for Red Bull, the Chicago Cubs star and 2016 National League MVP pranks a fantasy baseball draft by showing up disguised as a pizza delivery guy.

With his goofy hairpiece, mustache/beard combo and wire-frame specs, Bryant looks like a ’90s porn star (portraying a pizza delivery guy) crossed with some dude who mows lawns for a living.

Will any of the fantasy players—compiling rosters of Major Leaguers and competing against each other based on those players’ stats—recognize the All-Star in their midst? Or draft him for their team?

Does hilarity ensue? Well, Red Bull, does it?

You can find out by watching the six-minute clip below, as Bryant—aka, the proprietor of “Kristio’s Pizza & Wings”—steps into the box for a brotastic afternoon of brand-centric pranking:

Cole—the diehard fan who takes Bryant fifth in the draft, but doesn’t recognize the real athlete passing out pizzas—actually named his newborn after the slugger (opting for “Bryant,” not “Kris,” by the way).

“What kind of people fall for ‘Yeah, we’re going to film a documentary on fantasy baseball?'” Bryant asks at one point in the video. “Those are definitely the people that are going to fall for me being a pizza delivery guy.”

Ah well, Cole will enjoy that Red Bull limited-edition Kris Bryant can. Maybe he can have it bronzed. The Bryant can is available across Midwest retail outlets as the new baseball season kicks off this week. It features a Snapchat code that unlocks AR experiences, including a scenario where users transform their own faces into baseballs that Bryant hits out of the park. Now, doesn’t that sound like fun?

This is Bryant’s third trip to the plate for Red Bull, following his college baseball prank in 2016 and last year’s silly outing with Hall of Fame hurler Greg Maddux. Those clips each surpassed 8 million views on YouTube, and the pizza video is approaching 200,000 in less than a day.

For folks who can’t get enough of an incognito third basemen slinging pies, here’s some cheesy bonus footage:

Production Company: Northside Productions
Director: Jeremy Pettit

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