Kohl’s Sent a Star Wars Treasure Trove to the Woman Behind the Megaviral Chewbacca Video

With 101 million views, it's Facebook Live's top clip ever

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These days, the only thing rarer than seeing something truly delightful go viral is seeing a brand respond in a way that's equally charming.

But Kohl's showed it was up for the challenge this week, when a mom's Facebook Live video went viral in an unprecedented way after she tried on a Chewbacca mask she found at the retailer.

If you're on Facebook at all, you've no doubt seen the clip pop up. It's quickly gone from being cute share fodder to being the most-watched Facebook Live video ever, with 101 million views and counting.

In case you haven't watched it and enjoyed Candace Payne's infectious and genuine joy, here's yet another chance:  

While Kohl's hasn't managed to keep the unexpectedly popular mask in stock, the company did handle its response with aplomb, sending the Payne family several more masks—and a veritable treasure trove of Star Wars merchandise.

In a video posted to Facebook this morning, a Kohl's representative dropped off piles of Star Wars toys and gadgets for the family. They were also given $2,500 in Kohl's gift cards.

"We don't want you to have to share your Chewbacca mask, so we 'confinsctated' masks for everybody," the Kohl's rep told Candace Payne, referencing her brief confusion in the viral video about how to pronounce "confiscated."

"We want to thank you for being a loyal Kohl's shopper," he told her. "We can't tell you how much we appreciate that."

The brand's response was planned in partnership with its social agency, Huge. 

@griner david.griner@adweek.com David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."