Kirshenbaum Joins Nike Roster With SB Ad

Sports stars pump up Eric Koston in spot

Eric Koston is so legendary, even Tiger Woods is talking him up.

So says a new TV ad from Nike. If you're wondering who Eric Koston is—he's a veteran pro skateboarder, and a member of the Nike SB team.

The brand is now launching its second Koston-line shoe, aptly named the Nike Koston 2. The ad was created by Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners and marks the agency's first work for Nike. Nike doesn't have a lead agency for Nike SB, but kbs+ is doing more work for the brand, an agency spokesperson said.

In addition to Woods, the spot features other lesser-known sports celebrities like Olympian Allyson Felix and Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving. They also pump up Koston's reputation by mythologizing his exploits, which apparently include evading security dogs and (spoiler alert) catching falling babies.

The spot, launched Friday, will air on TV during the Tampa Pro skateboarding competition.


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