Kinko’s Has Some Serious Fun

Life can be tough for used office equipment is the essence of GSD&M’s latest television campaign for Kinko’s.

The Austin, Texas, shop shows rival makers’ old copiers in down-and-out situations in three 15-second spots. The ads, themed “Kinkos, tap into the network,” debuted during the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament on CBS this past weekend.

The spots will appear on cable news and sports channels, as well as during local network news in major markets beginning today.

“A lot of what we’re doing is hitting the competition in ways that they can’t defend,” said GSD&M co-creative director Derek Pletch. “The competition makes money by selling or leasing as many copy machines to a business as they can. But Kinko’s can take care of all your document solutions off-site.” The company’s network spans 1,100 locations in nine countries.

In one spot, a maintenance worker escorts a copier and its personal effects past a sea of cubicles and out of an office, much the same way a security guard would escort a dismissed employee. In another ad, pedestrians pass a copier at a busy intersection, occasionally dropping coins in the box at the machine’s base. Atop the copier is a “Will work for toner” sign.

The spots are the second salvo from GSD&M, which landed the Dallas-based client’s $30 million business last December. “Convobubble,” which tells the story of how Kinko’s helps a fictitious firm turn a ridiculous fad into a global phenomenon, broke on March 14.

The campaign will be supported by regional radio spots and print ads in newspapers and magazines.

“The management of Kinko’s has championed the work, and the tone of the campaign comes out of their company culture,” said Pletch. “They’re serious about what they do, but they’re also very serious about maintaining a fun and creative environment to work in.”