KFC’s CMO Inspires Innovation by Pushing the Brand’s Boundaries

Andrea Zahumensky continually takes risks by stepping outside her comfort zone

KFC's CMO takes risks to create innovation for the brand.

CMO at KFC U.S. Andrea Zahumensky is a “small-town girl, raised on small-town values” who learned early on that doing things the hard way is often the right way. Throughout her career, which started in IT after she graduated with an engineering degree, this notion has remained a constant truth in her life and helped her get to her current position.

Living outside her comfort zone, Andrea boldly moved from IT into marketing at a pivotal moment in her career. As she progressed through the ranks and brands of P&G, she encountered many challenges and surprises that tested her resilience. Most notably, Andrea shares a personal experience that reshaped her career and required an incredible amount of faith in her mentor’s advice. Despite being unplanned, it turned out to be one of the best moves of her career.

At KFC, Andrea continues to push new creative ideas, including introducing the first female Colonel and the beloved mash-up of chicken and waffles, which is bringing incredible growth and renewed excitement around the cherished brand.

Tune in to hear her insightful career tips and the exciting innovation she’s driving at KFC.

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