JP Morgan Chase’s Claire Huang Talks Digital and Mobile

Financial exec dishes on 'brand refresh' strategy

Headshot of Christopher Heine

JP Morgan Chase named Claire Huang its first-ever CMO last August, poaching the marketing veteran from an executive position with competitor Bank of America. Huang has since attempted to reinvigorate the Chase brand while positioning it as a strong financial option for both consumer and small-business needs.

Her work culminated with the cross-channel "So You Can" campaign that kicked off last week. Adweek caught up with Huang during to learn about her "brand refresh" strategy, and below are excerpts from the conversation.

From what I've been able to see of "So You Can," the first spot has a strong mobile message with the QuickPay app. The second commercial is aimed at small businesses. Is it at all tricky creating an overarching campaign narrative to cover both b-to-c and b-to-b?

Seasoned marketers must be able to identify and know their audience. Whether it's b-to-c or b-to-b, it's most important to meet customers where they are. "So You Can" celebrates the incredible stories we have heard over the past few years, and how those stories have inspired the way we work with our customers. … This brand refresh is a way to show the integration that we are trying to present in our business—a holistic offering based on our customers' needs.

How do you think Chase fits into the larger mobile scene when it comes to making commerce seamless for the on-the-go consumer?

Whether it be their first checking account, purchase of a home, adding a card to [their mobile wallet] or using the QuickPay app to pay the babysitter, our [customers] have very different needs, and we continue to simplify our products to make them valuable, easy to use and [understandable].

Retailers are increasingly investing in so-called "architectural media" for their physical spaces. Is the digitization of bank branches upon us?

Our brand refresh reflects the simple solutions and customer service that makes banking easier … For example, new modern-build branches are expanding throughout the country. We've developed a new branch concept with an open format that gives customers options. From the traditional teller window, to the advice zone and the paperless tablets, to self-serve kiosks and the instant-issue credit card machines, our approach is centered around choice and making the experience better for the customer.

How do you think social media marketing fits into creating more Chase customers?

We have amazing customers, and employees are looking for more ways to communicate all that the firm has to offer by telling our story. For example, we see huge opportunities in the digital/social space. Since I arrived at [JP Morgan Chase], we’ve worked to develop a digital center of excellence. I'm working closely with our CTO to use digital channels more to deepen relationships with customers who are using digital/social media. Digital media also creates the opportunity to leverage big data to deliver the right products to the right customers at the right time.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.