John Malkovich Gets Testy With His Less Famous Namesake in Squarespace’s Super Bowl Ad

Reminds you to get your domain before it's gone

John Malkovich tries to persuade a dude with the same name to give up Squarespace
Headshot of Christine Birkner

In Squarespace’s Super Bowl ad, actor turned fashion designer John Malkovich needs just one thing to build his menswear empire—his own website. Except in the ad, he’s sidelined by another guy named John Malkovich.

The 30-second spot,“Get Your Domain Before It’s Gone,” was developed with creative partners John X Hannes. In it,  Malkovich tries to persuade the other, less famous John Malkovich to give him the domain name

“Do you think when people contact, they’re actually looking for you?” he yells. “Maybe they’re looking for me! Get out of my name!”

The brand’s funny teaser reveals that the other John Malkovich is a professional fisherman, and is the “ultimate fishing site.”

In real life, actually does belong to the actor, and he used Squarespace to help him redesign the site to display his new fashion collection. In December, Malkovich appeared in a short film for Squarespace chronicling the brand’s role in the early days of his fashion venture.

This marks Squarespace’s fourth appearance in the Super Bowl. Last year, it ran an ad and a video livestream during the game with comedy duo Key & Peele.

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@ChristineBirkne Christine Birkner is a Chicago-based freelance writer who covers marketing and advertising.