JMCP Brings Fresh Approach To Bounty Work

Jordan McGrath Case & Partners launches a TV campaign for Quilted Bounty paper towels today, a result in part of Procter & Gamble’s desire for improved creative via its “agency renewal project.”
The three-spot effort airs on network, spot, cable and syndicated TV. One ad, featuring a father and son, eschews the side-by-side product demonstrations typical of the category.
As the man and his little boy lounge on a living room sofa, the child mimics him, crossing one leg over the other, stretching his arms and scratching his head.
The routine, set to playful music, runs into trouble when the kid knocks over a glass filled with a red liquid. Dad eases the child’s fears by knocking over his own glass, and the boy fetches some Bounty to clean up the mess.
The spot concludes with the longstanding tagline: “The quilted quicker picker upper.”
“This spot is an evolution of the successful ‘Little Kids’ Spills’ campaign,” said Angela Pasqualucci, senior vice president, management supervisor at JMCP here. “We felt we could be riskier and wanted to leverage the parent-child relationship in a fresh, more authentic manner.”
The agency’s approach attracted director Leslie Dektor, who in the past has shied away from packaged goods advertising.
Spending is undisclosed, but the client put nearly $35 million behind Bounty last year. P&G’s agency renewal project is meant to raise the quality of creative work and streamline the development process.

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