It Beats ‘Rapid Unkempt’

In an era of “fast” this and “casual” that, it was inevitable that “fast casual” would catch on. And so it has in the restaurant business, bridging the fast-food and “casual dine” categories. (TGI Friday’s Express and Boston Market typify this genre.) A study commissioned by King-Casey, Pepsi-Cola Fountain Beverage Division and QSR magazine found that adults who’ve eaten at a fast-casual restaurant in the past month expect to be served in an average of 10 minutes. The main factors drawing them to these eateries are “good quality food” (cited by 27 percent) and location “convenient to home” (16 percent). Their chief dislikes: the places are “too crowded” (37 percent) and “too noisy” (28 percent). Men eat at fast-casual outlets more often than women. The category also skews young, with 18-34-year-olds eating at such outlets far more often than 50-65-year-olds.