IQ News: Smalloffice Debuts With Biz Advice, a Malibu, Calif.-based site providing free financial, legal, administrative and human resource information to small-to-medium-size companies, goes live today.
With 80 employees, the eight-month-old “meta-mediary” also offers third-party, fee-based products, customer-lead generation, productivity tools and expert advice. Providers pay a listing fee and a cut of transaction charges to
The site claims it differs from rivals, Seattle,, San Francisco, and, New York, in providing industry-specific editorial content from an in-house staff and trade journals, according to Michael Rogers, vice president of direct marketing. “The other sites are just portals,” he said. “Our job is to get people on the site and give them reasons to stay.”
Smalloffice is now shopping its $10 million to $15 million ad account nationwide. n