IQ News: Ramps Up for Q2 Launch

The New York-based online ad rep’s site is scheduled to go live in Q2.
Orchestrated and funded in part by the New York-based McCann-Erickson Worldgroup; Odeon Capital Partners, New York; and Tel Aviv, Israel-based IPEX and McCann-Kesher-Berrel, the site gives advertisers the ability to offer ad campaigns in real-time to numerous players’ Web sites simultaneously free of charge.
“We’re trying to revolutionize this market by offering an advanced e-commerce approach, which provides a real alternative to existing online ad networks like [New York-based] DoubleClick, 24/7, and FlyCast, [San Francisco],” said Dennis Wong, president and COO of Media Market Makers.
Wong estimated that the site should save advertisers between 10 percent to 15 percent in regards to streamlining labor, paper and intermediary costs.
“We hope to scale [down] the inefficiencies in this buying space,” Wong said.
The site allows advertisers or their agencies to input how much they’re willing to pay for a campaign, and determine upfront performance criteria, including impressions, clickthroughs, registration, leads and actual sales.
When a particular agency or creative is chosen by an advertiser, it is notified by e-mail.
“[The site] gives advertisers a lot of possible targets in terms of Web sites that are right for them,” said Gary Baker, spokesperson. “[They] can decide who gets to see the campaign and who doesn’t.”
Web publishers can also review advertisers’ campaigns to present counter-offers as well as open up negotiations on issues such as compensation and timing.
“[The advertiser] acts as the gatekeeper,” Baker said.
Media Market Makers collects a transaction fee from the Web publisher, based on pre-arranged advertising revenue goals.
“Basically, they’re just paying based on the results,” Wong said.
With an infrastructure established by former McCann-Erickson executives, will the site offer a truly neutral and secure platform?
Wong said the 30-employee company has taken great strides to forge an independent platform with the appropriate firewalls.
“On the surface, it appears to be a McCann-centric,” he said. “It’s really open to [all] players.
“We spent a lot of time making sure only the right eyes see the campaigns or transactions.”
Wong said Media Market Makers separates itself from the competition by providing services on an opt-in basis rather than acting as just an inventory site open to the highest bidder.
“We’ve set up a system designed to bring people together. We don’t make recommendations. People on both sides of the equation can make the best decisions,” he said. n