IQ News: JMCP Touch to Launch Bounty-ful P&G Effort

JMCP Touch Interactive, the digital arm of New York-based Jordan McGrath Case & Partners, later this year will launch a new ad format in conjunction with packaged goods giant Procter & Gamble called “sequential banners,” the first use of which will tout P&G’s Bounty paper towels.
“Our team has been heavily focused on identifying the most effective forms of interactive advertising-banners, side frames, pop-ups, sponsorships,” said Pete Blackshaw, brand manager of interactive marketing at Cincinnati-based P&G. “The Bounty execution is the next big step that we’ve taken in attempting to understand the best possible ad construct.”
JMCP is still determining exactly how the banners, scheduled to launch by September, will work. Ideally, ads will refresh and display sequential messages when users move through pages. The messages will be served in order when users click through, without taking them from the page they are viewing. “We’re catering a little bit more to [the] 98 percent of folks who don’t click through,” Blackshaw said.
Testing has revealed higher brand recall and purchase intent, says Blackshaw. “We’re very encouraged, but I’m always cautious about analyzing testing results vs. other interactive advertising,” he said. “The sequential messaging looks very promising as an effective ad model.”
“It’s the whole notion of thinking about sessions, not impressions,” he added. “The user experience online may be the area we really want to focus on.”
The current online Bounty campaign, launched a few weeks ago, is running on women-focused sites, including Epicurious, Homearts and TalkCity. Banners allow users to preview the 18 Bounty patterns, which include images licensed from Hallmark and American Greetings.
The banners take users to a back-end catalog at where they can view patterns and e-mail samples to others. Another version allows users to enter the color of their kitchen and the back-end selects a matching pattern, which also can be e-mailed. JMCP’s Publicidad Hispanic marketing group will translate the site into Spanish; TV efforts will list the URL.