IQ News: Jaguar.Com Redesign On The Prowl For Luxury Car Buyers

Ogilvy Interactive, New York, part of the OgilvyOne Worldwide direct marketing subsidiary of Ogilvy & Mather, this week will launch the first part of a two-phase redesign of the Jaguar Cars Web site. The site, representing the high-end Ford Motor Co. division, is geared toward current owners and potential luxury car buyers.
At, the site features a section on each model, a history of the British company, which has North American headquarters located in Mahwah, N.J., and a dealer locator. A personalized car configurator will be added in the fall, which will coincide with a $100,000 online media buy to support the site, said J.G. Sandom, director of Ogilvy Interactive.
A main goal was to get the online brand in sync with the look and feel of its ongoing traditional campaign, which is handled by Ogilvy & Mather. “We wanted to make sure we were consistent,” said Beverly Sobel, interactive and database marketing manager for Jaguar Cars.
The site, originally created by SoftAd, Mill Valley, Calif., has been on the Web since 1995 and has not always meshed with Jaguar’s offline campaigns.
In order to determine what elements to include in the redesign, Ogilvy and Jaguar asked nearly 200 consumers, many of whom are Jaguar owners, to rank 150 features that might be included in the site by preference.
“For the first time ever, we did a specific look at what people want in a Web site,” said Sobel, describing the new incarnation as a foundation to which functions can be added in the future. “It’s overwhelming the kinds of functionalities that you can provide on this site … It’s hard to decide what it is you’re going to throw your limited funds at.” Sobel would not say how much the site cost.
Kenneth Kim, producer at Ogilvy Interactive, said the research showed that consumers wanted information on safety, which was added to the redesigned site, and a more illustrated history of the company. In response to the survey, the site also has a new section on how to buy pre-owned Jaguars, as well as details on the auto-maker’s warranties.
The old site was at the Web address, but Sobel said the company acquired from its previous owner. The new address will be included in traditional ads as well.
Sandom said Ogilvy carefully evaluated Jaguar’s goals before creating the site. “We’ve always been sort of chagrined by the lack of business principles” when companies create Web sites, he explained. “[Principles] sort of fly out the window.”
Matters such as the site’s objectives and who to target often get overlooked in online projects, he said. In addition to the customer research, Ogilvy also analyzed traffic to the site, the path users follow most and the number of leads it sends to dealers.