IQ News: Interactive8 Sweetens M&M’s “Crispy” Web Site

Interactive8, New York, has just launched a revamped M&M’s site and is kicking off a banner campaign promoting the site and a new flavor, M&M’s Crispy Chocolate Candies.
The site,, previously known as M&M’s Studios, now will be called M&M’s Network, a venue with seven online channels ranging from a motor sports-themed area to one that focuses on baking.
“The real goal … was to take the level of what a brand Web site could be to the max,” said Interactive8 CEO Doug Rice. The agency, which created the Studios site in 1996, expanded Hackettstown, N.J.-based M&M/Mars’ offline promotions, including its Nascar sponsorship. This and the other sections went live Sunday.
The site will include a link with the M&M’s characters and lead to the motor sports channel on the site. The baking channel features recipes.
M&M’s Studios is now the name for the entertainment channel on the site, which also includes the adventures of the Spokescandies that have inhabited the brand’s TV commercials for several years. A shopping channel sells branded merchandise and custom-colored candies, and offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a loyalty program. Another channel is Mini’s Tube TV, a games area for kids.
Online ads promoting the site relate to spots that aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl. They introduced the new crispy M&M’s with a spokescandy, Crispy, who is painfully aware that to promote M&M’s means his ultimate demise.
“He knows he’s going to get eaten and his whole life is [worrying about] that,” said David Lewis, associate creative director at Interactive8. Banners featuring Crispy include lines such as, “Catch the new crispy M&M’s.” The media buy, done by M&M’s traditional agency BBDO, New York, includes banners on Warner Brothers Online, Lycos, Tripod, Sony, E! Online, Yack!, MTV Online and the Hollywood Stock Exchange.