IQ News: Home Network Looking To Prove It’s Better To Be Rich

Home Network Is Setting Out To Prove That Rich Media Works.
As such, the company will break a pilot campaign this month using seven advertisers to prove that rich media, which offers interactivity with TV quality production, gets results.
“I wanted to be able to quantify the true efficacy of rich media as opposed to banners, interstitials, and traditional media advertising,” said Susan Bratton, director, Interactive Advertising Group, of the Redwood City, Calif.-based Home.
Participating advertisers are quite a mix, including the Intel Pentium II processor, Toys “R” Us, AT&T, Tylenol, First USA, Dockers and Bank of America. In addition, Intel’s Content Group is co-funding online research studies to be conducted by Stamford, Conn.-based marketing research firm IPSOS-ASI.
“We’re participating in the project because we want to start to learn what the upside is for interactive marketing in a broad-band environment,” said Suzanne Brisendine, director of PC advertising, Content Group at Santa Clara, Calif.-based Intel.
Users who match each advertiser’s target demographics will have the opportunity to take a survey and be entered in a sweepstakes. The survey, Bratton said, will query ad recall, brand link recall, length of recall, increase in intent to purchase, and, not least, whether the user liked the ad.
“The future of the Internet is being able to get more interactivity and more functionality … where [customers] are, rather than bringing them to your site. This is a place where we can experiment with that before the future hits us,” explained Kevin McSpadden, senior marketing manager in charge of digital and relationship marketing for Dockers.