IQ News: Fruitful Loop – Online Ad Firms Offer New Products

As advertisers clamor for more accountability from online marketing, DoubleClick and MatchLogic this week will launch new reporting products. DoubleClick will be offering services to media buyers for the first time.
New York-based DoubleClick, which serves publishers with its DART ad management technology, has opened a new unit, Closed-Loop Marketing Solutions, which will launch three products for advertisers and agencies. The services will allow advertisers to evaluate campaigns from inception, including delivery, management and analysis. DART for Advertisers will allow them to manage and traffic ads and easily change creative. DataBank, the second product, is a reporting service that will allow advertisers to understand shoppers’ patterns by anonymously tracking their steps.
David Rosenblatt, general manager of the new unit, said the third service, Boomerang, “allows advertisers to create distinct lists of people on their site and what they did,”–including buying, generating a lead or nothing–“and continue the relationship after they leave the site with other sites.” When users visit other sites in DoubleClick’s network–which includes about 3,000 Web sites–ads can be targeted to them based on the knowledge.
“It really means that the agency or the advertiser is really in control of the campaign in a way that they haven’t been before,” Rosenblatt said. DART for Advertisers has signed four undisclosed clients. Six clients are testing Boomerang before its November launch.
Also this week, MatchLogic, Westminster, Colo., will launch TrueSelect, which allows advertisers to target ads across the Web. Earlier this year, the firm launched a closed-loop reporting tool called TrueEffect.
Mitch Bennett, MatchLogic vice president of corporate marketing and client services, claimed DoubleClick’s entry into the business will increase awareness of such tools. “This is what the advertisers are looking for. It will help us from the standpoint of education,” he said.
The new services also place DoubleClick in competition with Palo Alto, Calif.-based AdKnowledge, which sold its publishing services to DoubleClick in June. John Mracek, vice president of marketing at AdKnowledge, said the deal did not exclude future competition. “Both sides … are free to spend more time producing products that are directly competitive with us and us with them. This is a wide open market for everybody.”