IQ News: Flycast Offers More For Small Pubs Via Valet

Flycast Communications today launches a new vehicle for advertisers on its network of 1,200 sites. Called Flycast Valet, it offers e-commerce, search and directories to its small- to mid-size Web publishers.Valet will allow Flycast to sell search keywords and sponsorships in major product categories, as well as banners.
“Banners were our flagship product,” said vice president of marketing Lyn Chitow Oakes, “and now we’re working toward providing multiple solutions.”
Co-branded content and commerce offerings are being provided by InfoSpace of Redmond, Wash. This includes 18 categories of commerce from 2,500 merchants, as well as yellow and white pages listings, auctions, and classifieds. Publishers will not be able to customize the InfoSpace content, but it will be delivered with the look and feel of their individual sites. The content will be free to publishers, who, like InfoSpace, will receive a share of the revenue from advertising, sponsorships and commerce.
“We play a market-maker role in bringing together a large audience and advertisers,” said vice president of corporate development Greg Stuart. He added that the Valet program will help smaller Web sites compete for ad dollars with portals by offering better return on investment.
“Since the sites we work with don’t represent the intense brand power [of larger portals],” he said, “we can do more to feature our advertisers’ brands.”
The Valet announcement follows the San Francisco-based ad network’s introduction of e-mail marketing program eDispatch.