IQ News: Dogged Pursuit: Togglethis, Lycos Team in Trivia Promo

New York-based togglethis has created an animated “toggled show” for Lycos to launch in April. Lycos becomes the first portal to use togglethis e-mail animation technology to drive traffic to its site.
The weekly show, called “Superheroes and Sidekicks,” will pair consumers, who give permission to receive it via e-mail, with canine superhero Lycos the Dog to test their knowledge of trivia. It will be promoted on the homepage of Lycos and the togglethis channel on Lycos, which launched two months ago and allows users to download its cartoon-like content.
Paul Maya, CEO of togglethis, said the show is “consumer-oriented to maintain and attract higher traffic to its site.”
Jan Horsfall, vice president of marketing at Waltham, Mass.-based Lycos, said this kind of media “becomes a pro-active marketing statement.” (A lawsuit against the company filed by Danvers, Mass.-based Labrador Software alleging Lycos the Dog infringed on its Labrador trademark was decided in Lycos’ favor last month.)
In addition to building the Lycos name, he said, the show will introduce subscribers to uses of the portal other than navigation of the Web that they may not be aware of.
Lycos plans to sell sponsorships for the shows. Horsfall said it will be easy to entice advertisers to take advantage of permission-based marketing to more than 1.5 million people in Lycos’ database. “It’s not what we would consider to be a difficult sell,” he said. “This is a no-brainer.”
Lycos also expects to use “Superheroes and Sidekicks” to promote sweepstakes that run throughout the year.
Togglethis claims its shows’ click-through rates are 25 to 30 percent, compared to the Internet’s average rate of less than 1 percent.