IQ News: Cycore Releases Cult3D 5.0

Cycore, the San Mateo, Calif.- and Sweden-based makers of 3-D imaging software for e-businesses, today released Cycore Cult3D 5.0. The upgraded version of Cycore’s three-year-old Cult3D software will feature added functionality, notably the ability to insert three-dimensional graphics into any Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat document. The new iteration of the software also features faster 3-D rendering time, smaller file size and improved image quality.
According to Jim Madden, president and CEO at Cycore, existing Cycore clients were happy with the old version of the software because it helped them create visual representations of their products for their Web sites. However, some clients wanted to be able to use the Cult3D technology for presentations, such as in Microsoft Power Point, and the new functions in Cult3D 5.0 address this need.
“Power Point is such a ubiquitous tool in business for presentations,” said Madden. “Embedding 3-D graphics into Power Point documents lends solid visualization to what the author is trying to show or say.”
Madden said that marketers that used Cycore’s 3-D enabling software were better able to make immersive experiences to showcase products, potentially leading to higher transaction rates for tangible goods that may be difficult to sell online without visual representation.
Thus far, Cycore has signed on nearly 150 customers, including Nokia, Boeing, Mercedes, Nikon, Sharp Palm and Bosch. There is a one-time licensing fee of $3,600, followed by a $360 annual fee for support and upgrades for companies wishing to put there 3-D graphics online.