IQ News: BMG Spins CustomDiscs For Corporate Clients

Record label BMG Music Group and online custom CD purveyor CustomDisc today announced a strategic partnership for corporate incentives.
CustomDisc will provide certificates to BMG, which the company can offer to its corporate customers as giveaways or premium incentives for consumers. Bearers can create custom CD mixes of songs selected from the BMG catalog. CDs will be co-branded with BMG and the corporate customer’s logos.
“[CustomDisc] is a great consumer product, but it’s also a wonderful premium product for corporations,” said Nicolas Darveau-Garneau, president of “The mantra of premiums and marketing is all about personalization and “have it your way,’ and this is all about the consumer having it his or her way.”
The 3-year-old Stamford, Conn.-based CustomDisc’s current Web site,, enables consumers to create their own CD mixes. Users can also pick their own custom CD artwork, commissioned by CustomDisc.
“Our deal with BMG is the first and only deal with a major record label that any custom CD company has done,” said Darveau-Garneau. “It’s a very important strategic partnership for our company.”
In a few weeks, CustomDisc will expand its online wares to include downloadable digital music files. While the file format has not yet been determined, Darveau-Garneau said the company will “be file format agnostic, allowing users to make choices based on their own preferences.” ƒ