IQ News: AT&T, Lycos Offer ‘Lost’ Fans A Trip To Cyberspace

Eyeing teenage science fiction buffs, AT&T has partnered with New Line Cinema and Lycos to distribute 720,000 WorldNet start-up disks to Lost In Space ticketholders beginning with last weekend’s box office debut. The entertainment tie-in is the latest push in an ongoing struggle to get disks into the hands of new recruits–especially those who are most likely to follow through and sign up for Internet access.
Lycos intends to use its position as the movie’s exclusive online search and navigation partner to build brand awareness among Web newcomers, said Jim Hoenscheid, director of promotions at the Framingham, Mass.-based company. Lycos had been advertising its service on movie screens and decided to team with AT&T this time for co-branded start-up disks “as a call to action,” Hoenscheid said. He added a Lycos branded Internet access service (similar to the one co-developed by Yahoo and MCI) is under consideration.
As part of the promotion, moviegoers will be offered a WorldNet start-up CD replete with a month’s free service, a 30-second Lost In Space movie trailer and a Lycos portal page that assembles sites about the flick, plus a free browser, email and homepage builder. AT&T hopes these offerings will help lure fickle teens away from America Online.
“What we know for sure is that if you send out a CD that has some extra value on it, the take rate is higher,” said Dean Colantino, sales and marketing director at WorldNet. Colantino added he’d be content with a response rate of between 2 and 5 percent. The giveaway will be offered at more than 100 theaters in 11 cities, including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.