Ingram Hires Ken Roman as Tempus, CIA Advisor

U.K.-based Tempus Group is stepping up plans to expand its CIA Medianetwork with the hiring of advertising veteran Ken Roman.

Roman, who spent 26 years at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, leaving in 1989 as chairman and CEO, has signed on as Tempus and CIA’s senior advisor in North America.

His mission is to identify acquisition targets and help CIA and Tempus’ other American companies evaluate their purchasing plans. The terms of his stint with the media network is open-ended, he said, describing his role as that of “an avuncular consultant—hands off but with a lot to say.”

Five years ago, Roman, who currently serves on the boards of Compaq Computer, Brunswick Corp. and the Gartner Group, held a seat on Tempus’ board of directors and has remained friendly with Chris Ingram, the company’s chairman.

Ingram cited the depth and breadth of Roman’s experience in the business in selecting him as an advisor. “Apart from Ken’s experience and contacts, he’s a gentleman and of great integrity and as non-political as they come,” he said.

Ingram wants Roman to evaluate prospective mergers and acquisitions informally.

“The company was looking at its plans to expand CIA Medianetwork in the U.S., and Chris, who’s based in London, realized he needed eyes and ears here, a liaison,” Roman said. “He asked me to provide my ‘wisdom and counsel,’ and I said I would do as much as I could.”

CIA has been aggressively looking to expand on both coasts in the past two years. It has flirted with several smaller Los Angeles media shops, including Janik Associates, with which CIA pitched the $100 million May Co. media account last year. That review was ultimately won by Doner, but if the Janik/CIA team had won, Janik would have become CIA’s Southern California outpost.

Currently, CIA bills about $700 million in the U.S. with a roster that includes Barnes & Noble, Guinness and J.P. Morgan. Globally, the media network bills more than $5 billion. Last week, CIA notched its first high-profile win of 2001, besting The Media Edge, Creative Media and Doner in the $25 million Petsmart media buying and planning review.