Infographic: How Your Generation Influences the Way You Travel

Where millennials, boomers and Gen X will vacation this summer

Spring and early summer's resurgence of life also heralds the return of the travel bug. Summer holidays and school vacation send affluent families across the U.S. to far-flung destinations both domestic and international.

But generational differences play a key role in how consumers travel. A study by the Shullman Research Center of consumers with household income greater than $75,000 found boomers prefer cruises more than their younger counterparts, and more millennials opt for trips outside the United States. It also found a strong preference for personal car driving among those in Generation X. There were distinct differences across the board.

"All in all, the lure of travel among the affluent is alive and well, which should give everyone in the travel industry a good reason to smile," said Bob Shullman, founder of the Shullman Research Center.  

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro

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