Infographic: How Dashcams Exploded From Obscurity Into a Global Auto Accessory

Sales rose 200% in the U.S. in 2014

When a meteor exploded over Russia with 20 times the force of Hiroshima's atom bomb, many around the world saw the footage from the same perspective: through a windshield.

The 2013 blast became a cultural tipping point for the dashcam, a device that seemed odd to many observers but has since entered the international zeitgeist as one of the most common ways to experience news first-hand.

Of course, capturing news and unbelievable accidents isn't the primary goal of a dashcam, which most motorists purchase to protect themselves from insurance scammers who pretend to have been hit by the car. Another reason for the device's early popularity in Russia was the widespread concern with police corruption.

For a fascinating look at how the dashcam phenomenon came about and quickly became a popular option for drivers around the world, check out the infographic below from British site CarFinance247: