Hyundai Went All-In on New Spots as Marketers Increased Their Spending on National Ad Buys

But purchasing time for new ads dropped 11%

Hyundai spent $4.4 million to air this spot last week.
YouTube: HyundaiUSA

After two consecutive weeks of spending more on placement for new creative than any other advertiser, Sony Pictures was not among the top such advertisers last week, although two film studios were among the top five spenders.

A total of 440 advertisers spent $76 million on national broadcast placement for new ads last week, down 11 percent from the week prior, according to Kantar Media. AMC’s Preacher was the top destination for new ads, with advertisers devoting $2.9 million to placing ads during the program. That’s nearly twice as much as CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, the next most popular program for new spots at $1.5 million, followed by NBC’s America’s Got Talent at $1.2 million.

While spending on new ads was down, overall spending on national buys increased $28 million from the previous week, as 2,053 advertisers spent $858 million.

Hyundai spent more on airing new ads nationally than any other advertiser, devoting nearly its entire $4.42 million national broadcast budget for the week on new ads promoting the 2018 Sonata. Of that, $972,000 was devoted to placing spots during Preacher, more than any other program.

Pizza Hut also spent a sizable portion of its budget on new ads. The pizza chain devoted about 92 percent of the more than $4.2 million it spent on national ad buys for the week on placing a new pair of spots from Droga5 starring Kristen Wiig. Of that, Pizza Hut devoted $451,000 to air ads during Fox’s Family Guy, more than any other program.

Insurance company Progressive devoted 38 percent of the over $9.6 million it spent on national broadcast placement on a new ad featuring the Progressive Box, as voiced by actor and comedian Chris Parnell. The spot debuted on July 24 and aired some 1,623 times nationally and 4,770 times on local outlets as of Aug. 1, according to Kantar Media.

Annapurna Pictures devoted nearly $3.3 million of the almost $5 million it spent on airing ads nationally last week to a new 15-second trailer for Detroit. Of that, $389,000 was spent on placing spots for the movie during Preacher, more than any other program.

Warner Bros. Pictures devoted 63 percent of the approximately $4.5 million it spent on airing ads nationally last week to new trailers for Dunkirk and Annabelle Creation. Of that, the studio spent nearly $2 million on the latest trailer promoting Christopher Nolan’s war film as “the No. 1 movie in the world.” It also devoted $857,000 to a trailer promoting the Aug. 11 release of supernatural horror film Annabelle: Creation.