Hyundai Could Be Music to Your Ears

NEW YORK Hyundai is kicking off a Web campaign that uses the lure of free music downloads to entice users to watch a TV spot or register for more information.

Banners offer music downloads from alternative band The Ataris. When users click, a pop-up screen shows a 20-second Hyundai Elantra commercial, while a song by the band plays and its corresponding MP3 file is downloaded to the user’s computer. Consumers can also have the song sent to their cell phones as a ringtone.

Hyundai is running the ads on music and entertainment sites such as Pandora, Real Networks, and

Dima Ariss, a media supervisor at Hyundai’s agency, Aegis Group’s Carat Fusion, said the lure of music is a perfect fit for the Elantra’s 18-49-year-old target demographic.

“To make sure we reach across the category, we focus on music,” she said. “We want people to get some music content for free provided by Hyundai so they can feel good Hyundai is bringing this to them.”

Carat Fusion is running a separate set of banners to collect auto leads.

Rather than require users to watch a commercial, the ads prompt them to fill out contact information. Those spots offer a song from Secondhand Serenade.

The campaign is using a music download system from Music Interactive, which matches brands with artists for ad campaigns.

In an earlier campaign, Hyundai ran via Music Interactive, 35 percent of those who clicked on banners completed the registration form.