Hunt’s Revitalizes Ad Efforts Behind Tomatoes

Hunt-Wesson is ad-vertising its canned tomatoes for the first time in more than a decade with a $20 million effort from Euro RSCG Tatham.

Two TV spots tagged “Sealed with a kiss” broke last week, and print ads are set for November is-sues of People and TV Guide and January editions of Cooking Light, La-dies Home Journal and Good Housekeeping, a representative for the Fullerton, Calif.-based division of ConAgra said.

The $20 million outlay is more than has been spent on Hunt’s tomatoes in the past ten years and is part of a “revitalization” plan for the brand that includes new packaging, graphics and recipes on the cans.

TV spots by Tatham, Chicago, show tomatoes as a comfort food. In one, a college-aged man returns home after a lengthy absence to a lasagna supper lovingly prepared by his mother. In another, a wife brings some tomato sauce-topped pasta to her work-beleaguered husband as he sits struggling with something on his computer.

“For over 100 years, Hunt’s has been simmering in the freshest, juiciest tomatoes, so you can make every meal kissed with flavor,” a voiceover says.

Hunt’s is also introducing two new lines: Summer Select and Family Favorites, the latter spiked with spices that make it an easy additive to chili or tacos.

Hunt’s is ranked fifth in supermarket sales in the canned and bottled tomatoes category, with $38 million for the year ending Sept. 10, according to Information Resources Inc.