Hull Creative Group Touts Publisher

BOSTON Allyn & Bacon has tapped Hull Creative Group to help raise awareness of the publishing company’s brand.

Boston-based Hull has crafted a promotional campaign themed, “Why write with Allyn & Bacon?” The efrort is collateral and print-based, targeting prospective textbook and academic writers.

Executions features author quotes, conversational copy, and photographs. Copy on one direct mailer reads, in part: “Trends in your field… new ways of teaching classic material… new technologies… Now is an exciting time to be in the world of educational publishing.

“Attracting talent is a challenge for the educational publisher,” said Caryl Hull, agency president. The new campaign is designed “set Allyn & Bacon apart from the competition and establish the young company “as a flexible, creative, quality resource able to easily meet the publishing needs of writers,” she said. Spending is estimated in the six-figure range.