How the Right Media Partnerships Can Help Brands Build Trust

Speaking in a shared voice engenders credibility with consumers

Headshot of James Cooper

Finding the right media content partner is central to how Marissa Freeman, chief brand officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, creates trusting relationships with clients who are in turn attempting to put down deep roots of credibility with their own customers.

“When we speak in a shared voice, with stories that are relevant to them [clients] and important to us … the trust is already there,” said Freeman in an interview after a panel called “Anxiety in the Security 3.0 World: Trust Marketing Strategies in the Age if Distrust.” The media partners Freeman pointed to are Bloomberg Businessweek, Quartz, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

The discussion was part of the second installment of Adweek and Bloomberg Media’s quarterly “Marketing in An Interruptive World” breakfast series in New York.

“For a brand like ours, the trust economy is really about our customers telling their stories and stories about how we worked with them to achieve great things for their customers,” said Freeman, pointing to the technology work Hewlett Packard Enterprise has done with Dreamworks to not only crunch all the data necessary to make a movie, but to keep it secure as it travels the globe via distribution channels that can be unsafe for brands.

@jcoopernyc James Cooper is editorial director of Adweek.