How the New Era of Marketing Is Shepherded In as Digital and OOH Collide

With it, new opportunities will emerge

Digital media can go hand-in-hand with the physical world. Getty Images

If you’ve read Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time, the “singularity” describes a theoretical moment in the collapse of a giant star, somewhere between the event horizon and spaghettification where matter becomes infinitely dense. According to futurists like Ray Kurzweil, the technological singularity will be realized the moment artificial intelligence evolves so quickly and so massively that the world will begin to evade human understanding. But for our purposes, the singularity could be a moment where two phenomena collide in such a way as to create a new category with infinite possibilities. The impending moment when out of home media merges with the online world will signify an “out of home singularity,” and a new category of the internet may be born.

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@_dave_e_ Dave Etherington is chief strategy officer at Place Exchange.