How People Spend Their Autumn Weekends

How are people spending their autumn weekends? A Rasmussen Reports poll (fielded at the tag end of last month) gives some indications. When asked how likely they are to watch pro football on TV during a fall weekend, 38 percent of respondents said “very likely” and another 16 percent said “somewhat likely.”

But this doesn’t mean the mass of Americans are weekend couch potatoes. Forty percent also said they’re very likely to “take a long walk” during fall weekends, with another 27 percent saying they’re somewhat likely to do so. And with gasoline prices sinking toward 2007 levels, the 20 percent who said they’re very likely to “take a drive in the country” (plus the 26 percent who said they’re somewhat likely) can make it a lengthy jaunt.

Some people might even do something useful during their fall weekends: 30 percent said that it’s very likely and 31 percent that it’s somewhat likely they’ll do a home-improvement project during those days. They can feel more virtuous than the 13 percent who are likely (6 percent very, 7 percent somewhat) to devote part of a fall weekend to playing golf.