How Jeep Found the Perfect Song to Launch Its Renegade Campaign

Partnership with Interscope led to exclusive X Ambassadors track

Fiat Chrysler likes to use attention-grabbing music to woo consumers, most notably in its Super Bowl spots. Now the company is taking that tactic one step further with the launch of a music-driven marketing campaign for the new Jeep Renegade.

The brand has partnered with Interscope Records and built a campaign around Brooklyn-based band X Ambassadors' song "Renegades." While developing Jeep's new campaign, Fiat Chrysler chief marketing officer Olivier Francois asked Interscope Records for a song that might complement the brand's new marketing. 

"Olivier came forward and challenged us to deliver a song for him that had the theme and the spirit of the new Jeep launch," said Steve Berman, vice chairman of A&M Records at Interscope Geffen. Coincidentally, X Ambassadors were working on a song that had similar themes to what Francois was looking for. "Sometimes you just get lucky in the timing of how things works. ['Renegades'] was a piece of art they [X Ambassadors] were already recording."

The first 60-second spot in the campaign breaks today, though a similar spot centered around the band broke on March 29 during the iHeartMusic Awards. Additional 30-second spots by Jeep's agency The Richards Group will be released later this spring. 

"If you look at the words of this song, if I had given an agency that brief, they would not have cracked a better script than X Ambassadors did," said Francois. "The script of the song is totally on brief, it's spot on. The music is a smash, the hook is super catchy. But what really made me feel that [the song] was the campaign was the way they speak of the millennials being the modern renegades. The genius here is that you tie the name of the car, which is 'Renegade' to the mindset of the target, which is the millennial target." 

The brand also created a microsite, which allows consumers to watch spots featuring the band and explore the Jeep Renegade. 

The song was co-written by producer Alex da Kid, who runs KIDinaKorner, a division of Interscope. He noted that the band and the brand considered how to market the message in a way that would be "authentic and organic" to everyone involved. 

Check out the new spot below:

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