House of Marley Is Blazing a Path for Sustainable Electronics, But Do Enough Consumers Care?

38 years after the reggae pioneer's death, his name lives on in eco-friendly speakers, turntables and headphones

Bob Marley surrounded by audio components
House of Marley pledges 'to carry on Bob Marley’s legacy of love for music and planet.' Illustration: Trent Joaquin; Sources: House of Marley, Getty Images

In 2009, the descendants of Bob Marley gathered at the Miami home of Cedella Marley, one of the late reggae singer’s daughters, over plates of Jamaican fried fish and corn. But there was far more in the offing than lunch. The Marley brood had assembled to meet with an executive from Hilco Consumer Capital, a firm that specialized in resurrecting deceased brands or, as in this case, deceased celebrities who were themselves brands and creating lucrative licensing deals with them.

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