Hot Enough Outside to Fry an Egg? Heck, Burger King Found a Way to Sun-Grill a Whopper

The chain puts Kuwait's intense heat to good purpose

In Kuwait, when the temperature reaches 122, Burger King fires up the Sun Flame-Grilled Whopper. Burger King Kuwait
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If you’ve ever tried to fry an egg—or anything, really—on a sidewalk, you’ve likely been disappointed. I mean let’s face it, 115 degrees might feel insufferably hot, but it’s nowhere near even the lowest setting on an oven. Searing meat requires even more heat, in the neighborhood of 500 degrees.

But Burger King Kuwait and agency Memac Ogilvy aren’t letting the usual limitations of nature stop them.

The chain’s locations in the small and scorching Middle Eastern nation have found a way of grilling a Whopper using the sun’s rays as the catalyst. A parabolic metal device seems to direct sunlight to a point underneath the cooking surface. (You can learn more on The Solar Cooking Wiki, which you may recognize from just now learning that there’s such a thing as The Solar Cooking Wiki.)

As you can tell in the demonstration video below, the “flame” aspect is questionable, since the burgers are just grilled on a ridged skillet—but you have to give the case study team grudging credit for adding fire just to stay on brand.

The Sun Flame-Grilled Whopper is only available at select locations in Kuwait when the temperature rises above 122 Fahrenheit. If you’re not in the neighborhood, you might have to settle for a Whopper cooked over a car fire.


Kout Food Group / Burger King Kuwait
Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Amin Mohamed
Marketing Director – Angelos Arampatzis
Marketing Manager – Zeinab Hassan
Assistant Marketing Manager – Haneen Sukkariah

Burger King Corporation
Global Chief Marketing Officer – Fernando Machado
Global Head of Brand Marketing – Marcelo Pascoa

Memac Ogilvy
Managing Director, Kuwait – Nabil Touma
Chief Executive Officer – Patou Nuytemans
Chief Creative Officers – Paul Shearer, Stephan Voegel
Regional Creative Director – Luiz Vicente Simões
Regional Creative Director – Juliana Paracencio
Creative Director – Mario Daou
Creative team: Luiz Vicente Simões, Juliana Paracencio
Copywriters – Luiz Vicente Simões, Karim Sherif, Sajjad Waliya, Salam Alaqel
Art Director – Juliana Paracencio
Designers – Hyunseo Yoo, Anil Joy
Strategy Planning Director – Bhaskar Bateja
Group Account Director – Marianne Bechara
Account Manager – Nidal Howil
Sr. Account Executive – Eric Sarkis
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Boomtown Production
Executive Producer – Shane Martin
Director – Rory McLaughlin
DOP – Randi Stephan
Editor – Suresh Nair
Postproduction Supervisor – Mannu Singh
Senyar Innovative Media, Social Media Agency

Chief Executive Officer – Abdullah AlRodhan
Senior Social Media Officers – Mohamad Deeb, Saud Al –Bassam
Endorsement / Celebrity Coordinator – Ahmad Dahi

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