Horizon Media Filled Its Office With Puppies to Lower Stress Levels and Give Back

Charity event promotes adoptions and shelters

Looking for a way to help people in your agency relax while also causing mass chaos among employees? Bring some adoptable puppies and kittens into the office like Horizon Media did and you'll bring joy to all—just be careful: You might crash your servers in the process.

As part of its philanthropic group Horizon Gives Back, Horizon Media partnered with the pet welfare organization Bideawee to bring 11 puppies and kittens into the agency for a day. Each employee was given a chance to register for a 15-minute session with the animals—meant to help team members de-stress during a busy work day—and also had the opportunity to put in an adoption form for one of the animals.

"We do a lot of charitable work overall, but we haven't done anything with animals. We wanted to do something that was about adoptions, but a way for employees to find a few minutes in their busy day to distress. We know that animals can help tremendously with that," Lori Wigler, VP, brand group director, Horizon Media said.

Outside of the 15-minute sessions and a few adoptions at the end of the day, Horizon Media donated $3,000 to the organization and hosted a happy hour where employees could donate their own money to help the organization. Boxes were also set up for people to donate food for the animals as well as toys and blankets to keep the animals cozy in the shelter.

The team behind the adoption day wasn't worried about distracting other employees, tucking the animals away in conference rooms that weren't too visible, so they wouldn't interfere with important day-to-day tasks and client meetings.

Over 200 employees signed up to participate in the agency's animal-filled festivities, booking up all of the appointments in about 20 minutes—proving that you can get people to do just about anything if there are puppies and kittens involved. Employees signed up so quickly, they bombarded internal servers with so many requests that the company's servers almost crashed. Wigler noted that she received tons of emails following the event with employees thanking her team for making the event happen. "Dreams do come true!" one employee said, "It made my week! Month! Year!" another wrote.

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