Do pet fish have to dress up like pirates, witches or ghosts to get treats? According to a new ad by Gianettino & Meredith for aquarium- and petproduct maker Wardley Corp., that’s just a fish tale.
The print execution, which begins Wardley’s first campaign created by the Short Hills, N.J., shop, is slated to break in September magazines. It features a trio of cartoon fish dressed up in Halloween guises and begging for food. Above them, copy indicates the choice for fish food is “crystal clear.” Below, the copy reads, “Fish shouldn’t have to work this hard for a treat.”
A description follows of Wardley’s new, expanded line of natural treats, including plankton and brine shrimp. There is no campaign tagline.
Norma Friend, agency account supervisor, said G&M took a “different direction” from other fish-oriented ads with the hand-drawn creative, in part because fish are generally difficult to photograph underwater for ads, and also to infuse the work with “emotion.”
Wardley, Secaucus, N.J., is a division of Hartz Group.
The effort is slated to run in consumer and trade magazines, such as Aquarium Fish and Pet Business.