Honest, Profitable, Generous

Even as unemployment rates climb, workers at for-profit companies remain confident their jobs are secure. Polling for the Gallup/UBS Employee Confidence Index found 47 percent of respondents “extremely confident” they can keep working at their current company for the next 12 months. Another 32 percent were “very confident,” and 15 percent were “somewhat” so. As the chart here shows, a majority of workers are also quite confident of getting a raise in the next 12 months. This is consistent with another of their opinions:24 percent are “extremely” and 28 percent “very” confident their company will grow in the next six months. Few employees are “not too confident” (10 percent) or “not confident at all” (6 percent) on that score. Nor do people believe their employer will try to profit by books-cooking chicanery. Eighty-six percent said their company’s managers are ethical. One last intriguing tidbit: The number who feel management is “trying to do what is best for the company’s customers” (90 percent) far exceeds the number who said management is “trying to do what is best for the company’s stockholders” (68 percent).