This Hit Destination for Millennial Women Who Want the Best Headlines Resettles in NYC’s Flatiron District

Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin are a package deal, which is fitting since the duo specializes in packaging news for a coveted audience: millennials. The two best friends and business partners­—who are millennials themselves—started hit newsletter-cum-lifestyle brand theSkimm in the summer of 2012 after seeing their peers could benefit from snackable news. Today, theSkimm has over 4 million active subscribers and is poised to take on the video market with Skimm Studios. And, of course, expansion usually brings new digs. The company recently moved into its fourth office—the first was in the girls’ shared apartment—and Weisberg and Zakin worked with New York-based design firm Business + Pleasure to keep that original apartment’s vibe. “TheSkimm was started from a couch, so it was always very important to us that Skimm HQ looked and felt as much like a living room as possible,” said Weisberg. “We wanted cozy breakout spaces, lots of color and, of course, a well-stocked wine fridge.”


Celebration Corner

Each bottle of champagne represents a company milestone. The giant panda bear, Skimm Skimm, “was born out of an April Fools’ Day prank gone awry, but has since become our mascot,” Zakin said. 


Book Shelf

TheSkimm employees are always reading new books to recommend to their audience. Before they moved into this office, they had an open house in their old one where they laid excess books on the floor in hopes they’d be taken. They thought it looked cool, so decided to keep books on the floor of the new space.


Britney Meeting

The duo counts meeting Britney Spears as one of the greatest days of their lives. “We were able to go backstage before the show,” Weisberg said. “We were so starstruck, we forgot to ask her if she reads theSkimm.” 


Company Culture

"Culture has always been top of mind, so with so many new members of the team, we instituted what we called ‘Skimm’cademy.’ As a part of that we wanted to make sure everyone on our team knew and understood everyone’s role and what projects they worked on,” Zakin said. “One afternoon we taped a piece of paper to everyone’s back with their job title, gave everyone a marker and asked the team to spend 10 minutes writing what they thought everyone else did on their backs in different color ink. We then went through what we actually do. We put them on the walls as a reminder, and also because the results were hilarious.”


Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame trophies are awarded to the top Skimm’bassadors—the site’s army of 15,000 evangelists who bring the brand to their communities. 

This story first appeared in the October 31, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine.
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