Handspring Says ‘Hi’

Butler Teaser Ads Introduce Visor Product
SAN FRANCISCO–Handheld computer maker Handspring’s first ad campaign will consist of a series of print ads culminating with a black-and-white photo of a hand and the word “Hi,” to introduce the company and its flagship product, Visor.
The budget for the effort was undisclosed, although the account, handled by Butler, Shine & Stern, San Francisco, is estimated to be worth $15-20 million.
Starting this month, teaser ads highlighting Visor’s proprietary Springboard expansion slot will run in The Wall Street Journal and in computer, tech and business pubs. One shows a hand in a V-shaped Vulcan salute and the headline “Star Trek books,” demonstrating the Visor’s ability to display content. Another shows a hand holding a lighter, arena concert style, headlined, “MP3 Player,” to tout its music capabilities.
Primary ads are set for early January, and will feature a greeting and explanation of Handspring and its offerings.
“We had a challenge with the ads in that we wanted out of the chute to establish Handspring and the [Visor] product,” said Claire Dean, Handspring’s director of marketing communications. The hand, said Dean, is a “simple reminder of our name.”