Haggman Debuts NHP R.I. Spots

Haggman’s first broadcast effort for Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island uses real healthcare professionals and pa-tients to give the spots authenticity.

Haggman’s strategy consistedof positioning the healthcare concern as warm, approachable and real, according to Eric Hagg-man, creative di-rector at the Manchester, Mass., shop.

One 30-second TV commercial shows NHP CEO Chris Koller talking about his company. “If you have a family, you walk through walls for your kids. You want a health plan to work with you and your doctor to get the care you need,” he says. Shots of real doctors and patients are seen throughout the spot.

Koller concludes, “We’ll help you find out if this low-cost program is right for your family. This is what Neighborhood Health is about—helping people get the services they need.”

The tagline, “There’s a different way to be a health plan, and we’re doing it,” is introduced in the spots, which broke last week on broadcast and cable stations in Rhode Island. Spanish-language versions are bowing at the same time; radio is also in the mix. Spending is estimated in the high six-figure range.

NHP offers low or no-cost health insurance for families. Haggman’s experience in the healthcare sector helped it win the Providence, R.I.-based client six months ago.

Haggman’s clients include Wo-men & Infant’s Hospital, Kent Hospital and Butler Hospital, all in Rhode Island.