Gyro Does Puma Just for Fashion Kicks

NEW YORK Five television spots for Puma soccer shoes by Gyro Worldwide feature professional soccer players wearing Pumas as a fashion accessory, rather than actually playing in them.

In one of the five commercials, which broke last week across Europe, Dutch player Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, who plays for England, will not jump into a pickup game until his new Pumas are covered with plastic bags. In another spot, Italian player Gianluigi Buffon puts his Pumas on the convertible seat next to him rather than giving a pretty girl a ride.

The idea to showcase athletes wearing Puma soccer shoes at leisure was a way to promote the brand “in a very different way, a very personal way,” said Steve Grasse, creative director at the Philadelphia shop.

“Puma’s very good being a brand you can relate to as a consumer,” Grasse said. “It’s not out of reach the way Nike is.” That point is underscored by copy at the end of each ad: “My Pumas.”

The TV ads, directed by music video director Jake Nava (Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love”), are accompanied by a product-focused print campaign running in soccer and lifestyle magazines with the same “My Pumas” theme. There is no tagline.