GSD&M Promotes CBS as Golf Leader

DALLAS GSD&M breaks a television campaign this weekend promoting CBS Sports as the leading broadcast authority on golf.

In “Fast Food,” CBS Sports golf anchor Jim Nantz orders food for himself and his truck full of on-air colleagues in the whisper he uses when announcing plays on the golf course. Though the employee of the burger joint keeps asking him to speak up, Nantz continues to order quietly as his passengers remind him to order apple pie and decide among themselves who will eat the pickles. The super: “CBS Sports, the voice of golf.”

“Bedtime” features announcer David Feherty in his bedroom, which pays homage to golfer Phil Mickelson with the player’s face on the comforter, a bobblehead with his likeness near by, a life-size cutout and a cup with his face on it. Before Feherty tucks himself in with his Mickelson doll, he says a prayer for “Phil to win his first major.” The spot closes with the copy, “CBS Sports. We’re fans too.”

In “Preparation,” the announcers are each doing their own pre-broadcast ritual. Announcer Gary McCord enjoys his so much—a woman is massaging his throat—that he stays behind after everyone else clears out.

“CBS came to us based on our PGA Tour spots and asked about our recommendations about running golf promotions,” said GSD&M representative Eric Webber. “We talked to them about branding themselves as the voice of golf.”

The Omnicom Austin, Texas-based agency has handled the PGA Tour account since 1996.

Although the network has done golf promotions before, Webber said “the idea about planting their flag in the ground as the leading authority of golf is new.”

CBS, one of many networks that offer golf coverage, will broadcast 20 golf tournaments this year.

The spots break this weekend on CBS throughout multiple day parts.