These Creatives Made a Website That Lets You Hear How Often Trump Contradicts Himself

'StereoTypical Trump' project presents the facts

With Election Day coming up on Tuesday, a group of advertising creatives created a digital-audio experience focused on Donald Trump to give voters all the facts about the candidate. Specifically, it's designed to show the number of contradictory statements he's made on a number of important issues from immigration to abortion.

Copywriter Macie Soler-Sala, creative director Joe Palasek, creative director Jon Ruby and creative director Enrique Camacho came up with the idea for the "StereoTypical Trump" project simply from taking in everything that has happened during the election. (The four work at MullenLowe, but this was a personal project, and the Boston agency was not involved.) 

"We've been watching the debates and saw ourselves constantly putting our face in our palms, and I knew I wasn't the only one," Ruby said.

When voters enter the "StereoTypical Trump" website, they immediately hear two different clips of Trump speaking on an issue. However, each clip contradicts the other. Take out your left ear bud, and you'll hear Trump saying he's pro-life. Take out your right ear bud, and you'll hear him say he's pro-choice. Under each quote, the team included when Trump made each statement.

"We had seen a lot of digital experiences online that run the spectrum of fun and playful to mean-spirited," Soler-Sala said. "We wanted to only present people with the facts."

In order to pull this off in just a couple of weeks, the team went through hours of audio and found a handful of topics on which Trump had contradicted himself or changed his stance over time.

What Ruby said he likes most about the project is that even when users listen to both clips at the same time, they're still able to separate the two channels and understand the two conflicting viewpoints at the same time.

So far, the site has over 3,200 visits and over 63,000 audio plays, with the average person spending roughly two minutes and 36 seconds on the site.